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Christmas Candles – Add a Festive Flair with Holiday Candles

Christmas Candles

Add a Festive Feel with Christmas Candles

Christmas Candles - Flameless Christmas LED CandleChristmas Candles are a wonderful decorative addition to your home during the holiday season. They can add warmth and a sense of cosy comfort with the flickering lights shining on a dark evening.

There are plenty of styles to choose from including real candles, battery or electric operated candles and flameless candles. With so much on offer, you are sure to find the right collection to suit your needs.

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The History of Christmas Candles

Christmas Candles - Yankee Christmas Candle in a JarDid you know the symbolism behind having candles at Christmastime? Years ago, candles were said to give light in order to keep bad things at bay.

They were given as gifts to symbolize new beginnings and they were used as a symbol of bringing families together – hence the marriage unity candle you see in some wedding ceremonies.

You can see candles glowing in windows in some of the beautiful Christmas paintings we have today. The candles in the window symbolize welcoming loved ones home and giving light to help the lost on their way.

A very popular Christmas candle is from the Yankee Candle Range. This is called Christmas Eve and it is scented.  This aromatic candle would make a wonderful Christmas gift too.

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Christmas Candle Holders

Christmas Candles - Christmas Candle HoldersWhen you are making the decision on the type of candles to buy, you might like the big sturdy church style candles. These do not need any additional support. The smaller, thinner candles will need some type of candle holder to keep them safe and secure.

There are some great Christmas Candle Holders to choose from. You can buy them individually or as a complete set. Find a colourful set of glasses for the mantelpiece or a highly decorative set that would look beautiful as a table centrepiece.

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Buy Christmas Tree Candles

Christmas Candles - Christmas Tree CandlesIf you are looking to decorate your tree, miniature candles are often placed on the branches. Back in the old days, real candles would have been used and it would have looked beautiful.

These days we can get the same effect but without the fire hazard. You can get LED lights that look like candles but are much safer than having an open flame near the tree or near children and animals.

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Christmas Tea Lights

Christmas Candles - Tealight CandlesIf you are looking for an inexpensive way to decorate your home with candles, using tea lights is a great solution.

They do not cost that much and you get up to 100 candles for less than $15. You can place them side by side or you can buy little cute candle cups so that they glow through.

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Flameless Candles – Safe for Children & Animals

Christmas Candles - Flameless Candles If you are worried about having an open flame with children and animals nearby, you can still get the effect without the danger. There are lots of great flameless candles that you can use to decorate your home.

These are made with LED lights. They are usually battery operated so you can place them anywhere in the home.

Take a look at the fantastic assortment on offer. You can get candles that look like they are already half melted and you can buy candles that have what looks like a flickering flame.

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Candles lend an elegant touch to warm family gatherings. You don’t want to have to settle for just any old candle when you go to purchase yours for this season of celebration.

Go ahead and get yours now so that you can get the best of the selection before the crowds hit the shopping circuit and get all the best Christmas – candles not to mention the best buys!

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