Disney’s Frozen Christmas Tree Ornaments

 Disneys Frozen Christmas Tree OrnamentsWhere to Buy Disney’s Frozen Christmas Tree


The Disney Frozen movie has been a worldwide hit so it was only natural that you would find some exquisite Christmas Tree Ornaments available to buy. You can choose to get one of your favourite characters to adorn your Christmas tree or you can buy the whole collection.

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Whether you have children or not, Disney’s Frozen movie is sure to be your TV screens during the holiday season. If you are a fan of the film and the songs, take a look a the following beautiful Christmas tree ornaments. You could buy them for your own home or as a gift to a Frozen fan.

Elsa Christmas Tree Ornament

Frozen Elsa Christmas Tree OrnamentThis ornament is absolutely beautiful. Elsa’s sparkling dress lights up the room and kids are sure to be excited hanging their favorite ice princess up on the tree.

At 3.5 inches tall, this stunning 3D resin ornament looks great and makes a wonderful addition to any home Christmas collection perfect for passing down through the generations.

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Anna Christmas Tree Ornament

Frozen Anna Christmas Tree OrnamentIf you buy one member of the Frozen family, you might like to buy the other.

A literal sister ornament to the Elsa heirloom ornament, this fantastic Anna ornament is a brilliant addition to any collector’s set or just for families who want to hang a little bit of Frozen on their tree.

Slightly smaller at 3.25 inches, the Anna ornament goes perfectly among your favorite ornaments or as part of this heirloom set.

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Olaf Christmas Tree Ornament

Frozen Olaf Christmas Tree OrnamentLast but not least who could forget Olaf, the lovable snowman who just wants to see the summer.

This charming 3.25 inch 3D resin heirloom ornament captures the likeness of this cute character perfectly.

The faint sparkles on his snowy exterior look like sparkling snowflakes and are sure to make him one of your kids’ favorite ornaments to hang on the tree this year.

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Frozen Elsa Singing Musical Doll Ornament

Frozen Elsa Singing Christmas Tree OrnamentThe song may sing about letting go, but that’s the last thing you’ll want to do with this beautiful singing ornament. It does a perfect job of capturing Elsa’s likeness standing on her icy balcony in all of its majestic, hand painted glory. At 4.5 inches tall this free standing ornament looks great hanging from the tree or even just as a unique desk or table decoration.

Of course you’ll want to hang it low enough so little fingers can reach the button that plays “Let It Go” so everyone can enjoy the iconic song again and again. Although come Christmas day, you might not be feeling so much festive cheer after one too many versions of this tune.

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Frozen Sven the Reindeer Christmas Ornament

Frozen Sven Christmas Tree OrnamentHe may not have had his own speaking part in the film, but that didn’t stop Sven the reindeer from stealing our hearts on screen.

If you loved Sven then this one of a kind 4 inch PVC hanging ornament is going to be at the top of your pre Christmas list when you go to pick out decorations this year!

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If you are looking for fun new Christmas decoration ideas then a collection of Frozen tree ornaments would be the perfect addition to your tree. Choose to buy individual items or to buy the whole box set collection.

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Fun Outdoor Inflatable Christmas Decorations

Fun Inflatable Christmas Decorations

Fun Inflatable Christmas Decorations for Your Home & Garden

Inflatable Santa Christmas DecorationInflatable Christmas decorations have quickly become one of the most sought after ways to decorate yards and housetops alike.

These decorations are made to stand out and bring a piece of beauty to any neighborhood.

They range in size from small to as tall as you can imagine. Some of these inflatable decorations easily reach over eight feet tall.

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Outdoor Inflatable Christmas Decorations Are Safe

Inflatable Nativity Scene Christmas DecorationYou don’t have to fret that just because decorations like this inflatable Nativity Scene decoration aren’t made of wire or wood they won’t hold up under the onslaught of nature. These decorations are made of material tough enough to stand up throughout whatever nature unleashes on them. With a heavy duty air pump, these decorations are a breeze to inflate. Simply plug in the pump and the decorations inflate in a matter of minutes.

Once the decorations are filled with air, take the thin poles that came with the decorations and drive them deep into the ground. A sturdy string attached to the pole is what holds the inflatable where you put it so that it won’t end up in your neighbour’s Garden.

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Choose a Popular Cartoon Inflatable Christmas Decoration

Inflatable Cars Mater Tow Truck Christmas DecorationYou can find a huge selection of designs to choose from. There are the traditional choices such as Santa. You can find jolly St. Nick climbing into a chimney, Santa driving a sleigh with the reindeer, a waving Santa and you can even find Santa kicking back on skis.  These also come as fun animated Christmas decoration sets.

If Frosty is more to your liking, you can find a huge selection of animated snowmen to make a great yard or roof display. You can find a family of singing snowmen inside a giant snow globe or you can find Frosty taking a motorcycle out for a rooftop spin.

For less traditional choices, you can have your pick from a variety of characters made popular by kids’ fairy tales and cartoons. You can amaze everyone in your area with your selection of loveable characters.

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Fun Inflatable Snow Globe Decorations

Inflatable Snowman Snow globe Christmas DecorationThe great part about decorating with inflatable decorations is that are no wrong ways to decorate with them. You can put them wherever you want to in your yard or on your roof.

One of the most amazing inflatable decorations is the one that has a Christmas scene inside a snow globe and as the characters are dancing around, a light snow is falling inside the globe. The scene is eye catching and enthralling to all who see it.

Because many of these inflatable decorations are well lit, they stand out at brightly at night too.

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You can create a one of a kind scene with inflatable decorations. You can have a giant Christmas scene with all your favorite characters. You can have Santa waving and beside him, have all his reindeer pals just waiting to welcome in the holidays.

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How to Choose The Right Christmas Lights for Your Home

Choose The Perfect Christmas Lights

Buy The Right Christmas Lights to Decorate Your Home

If you are looking for Christmas lights, you will find that there are a few options to choose from. You could opt for LED lights, rope lights and Christmas tree bulbs that come in different shapes and colours.

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Christmas Mini Lights Box SetEveryone has different tastes in decorating for the holidays so why not mix and match to create the perfect setting and atmosphere for the season.

There is a wide selection of lighting styles to choose from and they can be much better value for money than they used to be. Get the right set of lights that give your home a soft, romantic holiday glow or ones that will light up the night and make your home a masterpiece in electricity.

There are bulbs in an array of colours, many different watts and various sizes and shapes. You can spend a little bit of money on lights or you can spend a lot. Knowing which kind to choose from depends on the size of your home, and how much ground you’d like to cover.

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Why You Should Buy Christmas LED Lights

Christmas Fairy LightsIf you don’t know what kinds of lights to get, you run the risk of buying the wrong lights and then having to take or send them back. One of the choices you have in Christmas lights is the LED lights.

The initials LED stand for light emitting diode. These lights don’t take as much power to use and you can get a wider angle of light. These kinds of lights offer longer use (thousands of hours) and you can use them to decorate inside your home or outside in the yard.

They’re a very safe type of bulb because they don’t get hot to the fingertips unlike regular lights, which can sometimes be a fire hazard. With LED lights, you don’t have to worry if your tree dries out like you do with regular lights. They are a little more expensive than the run of the mill Christmas lights, but your family’s safety is worth the cost.

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Why You Should Buy Rope Lights

Christmas Rope LightsAnother choice you can go with is the rope lights. These are lights inside of tubing. These lights come in different colors and you can get them in chasing lights or still versions. They can interconnect with other strands to form longer strands.

These lights are perfect for those hard to decorate items or areas and they can be used indoor or outdoor. In fact, if you use rope lights to line your home’s walkway, if kids accidentally step on them, they’re stepping on the tubing instead of sharp glass that can cut them. Plus, these lights can contain the same LED technology that saves energy.

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There are so many Christmas light options for you to choose from to make your holiday really shine this year.

You’ll need to know how many lights you’ll require that can run safely on your home’s circuit. If you do choose LED lights, make sure you’re happy with your choice since these lights do tend to last for the long haul.

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Buy The Perfect Christmas Garland for Your Home

Christmas Garlands

Christmas Garland GreenWay back when Christmas garlands used to be made by hand. They would be created from materials that were found in nature like evergreen branches, berries and leaves.

Now you can purchase a vast range of garlands made from materials that ensure they are long lasting and can be used year after year. Decorate your home with garlands and everyone who visits will know that you are filled with festive cheer.

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There Are Lots of Garland Styles to Choose

Poinsettia GarlandYou can find garland in natural green, multi-colors, blue, red and a host of many other colours. Whatever your Christmas theme is, there’s sure to be a garland colour that will complement it.

If you prefer to decorate your house with softer colours, you can also find garland in pale mauve and other pastel hues. Thanks to the artificial garland, you can use it outside your home too without fear of inclement weather since it can hold up in those rare rainy December days or nights.

Inside your home, you can use the natural green garland on top of your fireplace. Lay it across the mantle stretched from end to end. You can cut pieces of garland to make appear fuller.

You can also opt for a pop of colour by getting a Poinsettia Garland, lush and red in colour, with artificial lights to brighten everything up.

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Make Your Own Christmas Garlands

Santas laundry GarlandGet the garland that has a thin wire in it so you can bend it and shape it. Tuck red holly berries among the garland and wrap pieces of it around the bottoms of Christmas candles. Garland can also be used on top of curtain rods in any room to bring in a touch of Christmas.

If you live in a house or apartment with an upstairs living area, you can twine garland through the spirals of the stairs along the banisters. Intersperse the garland with lights for added punch.

A really fun looking garland is the one made from felt in the shape of Santa. It is Santa hanging out his laundry. This would look perfect hanging above the fireplace.

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Add a Garland to Your Christmas Tree

Hanging Tinsel GarlandYou can also use garland on your Christmas tree if you have an artificial tree and the limbs show the middle rod of the tree. You can wrap the natural green garland around the rod of the tree and it gives the tree a fuller appearance. The different colours of garland can be looped around your Christmas tree to give it that dazzling effect.

Outside your house, the garland can be wrapped around the columns of your porch or across the porch railing. You can find real or artificial potted Christmas trees. Decorate one with ornaments and light, finish it off with garland and set it by your front door for a touch of Christmas for all your guests to see as they arrive.

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How To Make Christmas Stockings Fun This Year

 Red and White Christmas StockingsBuy or Make Your Own Christmas Stockings This Year

Every year you have the choice to either make Christmas Stockings or buy Christmas Stockings.  Both have their advantages and you will end up with a fun Christmas decoration. If you want a  set of the traditional red and white stockings then there are a few styles to choose from.

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Christmas StockingHowever, if you would like to stand out from the crowd, you can certainly do so.  You can get your artistic juices flowing.  Making your own Christmas stocking would be a great activity to share with the whole family.  Everyone gets their own customized design.

Start with a plain Christmas stocking in your favourite colour.  If you are a fan of red and white, it will be easy to find stockings but there are other colours available.

Decorate with Bright Pens and Glitter Glue

Glitter GlueOnce you have your stocking, you can write your name across the top of the stocking using a rainbow of glitter glue found in those handy no drip glue pens.

Or you can write your name out in regular school glue and then sprinkle glitter or rhinestones in the glue. If you choose to do it with the regular glue, the stocking will take at least forty eight hours to dry completely.

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Be Creative with Your Christmas Stockings

Christmas Stocking KitsYou can then write or draw whatever you want on the bottom of the stocking. Muslin stockings work best for drawing artwork directly on the material.

If you do pick out a muslin stocking, though, make sure you put a thick piece of cardboard inside the stocking before you draw anything. Otherwise, the colours will bleed through to the back of the stocking.

If drawing isn’t your area of interest, then you can sew on appliqué cut outs of Christmas designs such as gingerbread houses, snowmen etc. You can also make muslin quilt stockings by sewing on quilt squares to make miniature Christmas quilts.

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