Disney’s Frozen Christmas Tree Ornaments

 Disneys Frozen Christmas Tree OrnamentsWhere to Buy Disney’s Frozen Christmas Tree


The Disney Frozen movie has been a worldwide hit so it was only natural that you would find some exquisite Christmas Tree Ornaments available to buy. You can choose to get one of your favourite characters to adorn your Christmas tree or you can buy the whole collection.

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Whether you have children or not, Disney’s Frozen movie is sure to be your TV screens during the holiday season. If you are a fan of the film and the songs, take a look a the following beautiful Christmas tree ornaments. You could buy them for your own home or as a gift to a Frozen fan.

Elsa Christmas Tree Ornament

Frozen Elsa Christmas Tree OrnamentThis ornament is absolutely beautiful. Elsa’s sparkling dress lights up the room and kids are sure to be excited hanging their favorite ice princess up on the tree.

At 3.5 inches tall, this stunning 3D resin ornament looks great and makes a wonderful addition to any home Christmas collection perfect for passing down through the generations.

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Anna Christmas Tree Ornament

Frozen Anna Christmas Tree OrnamentIf you buy one member of the Frozen family, you might like to buy the other.

A literal sister ornament to the Elsa heirloom ornament, this fantastic Anna ornament is a brilliant addition to any collector’s set or just for families who want to hang a little bit of Frozen on their tree.

Slightly smaller at 3.25 inches, the Anna ornament goes perfectly among your favorite ornaments or as part of this heirloom set.

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Olaf Christmas Tree Ornament

Frozen Olaf Christmas Tree OrnamentLast but not least who could forget Olaf, the lovable snowman who just wants to see the summer.

This charming 3.25 inch 3D resin heirloom ornament captures the likeness of this cute character perfectly.

The faint sparkles on his snowy exterior look like sparkling snowflakes and are sure to make him one of your kids’ favorite ornaments to hang on the tree this year.

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Frozen Elsa Singing Musical Doll Ornament

Frozen Elsa Singing Christmas Tree OrnamentThe song may sing about letting go, but that’s the last thing you’ll want to do with this beautiful singing ornament. It does a perfect job of capturing Elsa’s likeness standing on her icy balcony in all of its majestic, hand painted glory. At 4.5 inches tall this free standing ornament looks great hanging from the tree or even just as a unique desk or table decoration.

Of course you’ll want to hang it low enough so little fingers can reach the button that plays “Let It Go” so everyone can enjoy the iconic song again and again. Although come Christmas day, you might not be feeling so much festive cheer after one too many versions of this tune.

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Frozen Sven the Reindeer Christmas Ornament

Frozen Sven Christmas Tree OrnamentHe may not have had his own speaking part in the film, but that didn’t stop Sven the reindeer from stealing our hearts on screen.

If you loved Sven then this one of a kind 4 inch PVC hanging ornament is going to be at the top of your pre Christmas list when you go to pick out decorations this year!

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If you are looking for fun new Christmas decoration ideas then a collection of Frozen tree ornaments would be the perfect addition to your tree. Choose to buy individual items or to buy the whole box set collection.

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