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How to Make a Christmas Gingerbread House from a Kit

How to Make a Gingerbread House from a KitHow to Make a Gingerbread House from a Kit for Christmas

Gingerbread House Cookie SetMaking a gingerbread house is a great activity for families to share. Children love making and decorating their own house made out of candy and cookies and they always turn out so cute!

Gingerbread house kits can be found in most big box stores or online. Generally they will come with the gingerbread pieces, some frosting, and some candies. I would suggest buying more candies and maybe a jar of frosting before making your house if you want to add some personal flair to it.

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Step 1: Check the Pieces

Gingerbread House BooksPull out all of the gingerbread pieces and make sure they are all intact. If a piece is broken, don’t worry. You can fix it. You should have some frosting.

This isn’t just for decoration. The frosting is the mortar for your house. It will hold all of your pieces together!

(Prefer to create your own gingerbread house? – look at books for inspiration)

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Step 2: Assemble the House

Gingerbread House Cookie Cutter SetTo put your house together, start with one of your walls. You’ll want to be working on a flat surface. Add frosting along one side of the wall and push the side of the connecting wall into it.

You’ll want to hold it for a minute to set. Continue this until you have the four base walls set up. You may need to use cans or boxes to prop walls up while you work.

(Prefer to create your own Gingerbread House? Check out the range of Gingerbread House Cookie Molds available)

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Step 3 – Attach The House To The Base

Gingerbread House Decorating SetOnce you have your four base walls, it is time to attach the house to its base. Your kit probably came with some kind of plastic base.

If not, you can use a large piece of cardboard. Line the base with frosting where the bottom of your walls will be setting and carefully attach your four walls to the base. Let the house sit for another 10-15 minutes for the frosting to harden before moving on to the roof.

(Need some help decorating the house? Get a decorating piping bag to add the snow)

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Two Sets of Hands are Better than One!

Gingerbread House Snowflake Sprinkle MixBe careful when adding the roof, you don’t want to break the rest of your house! The easiest way to do this part is with a partner. Apply frosting to the roof pieces in all of the necessary places and add both at the same time.

Make sure the top is pushed together firmly with plenty of frosting to hold it in place. Once the roof is on, you’ll want to let the house set one more time before decorating.

(Don’t forget the snowflake sprinkles!)

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Step 4: It’s Time to Decorate!

How to Make a Gingerbread HouseMake sure your house is dry and sturdy before this part. This is the best part of building a gingerbread house and is totally up to your imagination!

You can add food colouring to the frosting you have left over and use it to decorate. You can put a bit of frosting on the bottom of candies and line your house with candies.

In the end, you will have a lovely gingerbread house that looks good enough to eat!

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